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Information Systems

  • Production Data Broadcast Systems
    Our production data systems configure plant floor automatic and manual assembly operations with model code information. Centralized data management allows production systems to be configured and loaded from a single, intuitive graphical user interface. These systems may be installed into existing operations and as a part of plant-wide flexible manufacturing systems. Systems improve production reliability, product quality and reduce engineering costs for model code integration.

  • Data Logging Systems / Birth History / Genealogy
    Our data logging systems provide a highly flexible system for capturing process, quality, diagnostic and other information. Nearly any type of timed or event based data may be logged from the plant floor. Data is assembled into well-defined records and stored in a database for future access by a wide variety of commonly available data analysis tools.

  • Production Serialization
    Our production serialization systems combine product identification systems, including bar code, RFID and vision systems, with our data logging systems to enable production serialization. Serialization enables manufacturers to track each individual part as it moves through the production facility. As the part moves through the facility, process and quality data may be recorded. An individual part may be joined with a specific customer order. In addition, the complete production record for that part may be delivered to the end user or stored for future quality analysis.

  • Production, Batch and Recipe Management Systems
    Our experience with production management systems includes a wide variety of off-the shelf products and custom applications. Systems are selected and designed to meet customer requirements.

Our experience with information systems includes a wide variety of industries and processes. See our Industries Served for a list of industries and processes.

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