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Recently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I select a PC-based HMI?

A: Comparing pc-based HMI products can be difficult for a couple of reasons. First, pc-based products are not dramatically different. Most satisfy standard functional requirements. Second, manufacturers do not highlight limitations. Third, manufacturers realize that factors, such as cost, are important to you and will be used for making decisions. Manufacturers organize their marketing efforts to minimize your ability to make a direct comparison using these factors. Cost is a good example. Each manufacturer markets their product with a different cost/tag schedule.

You should take a couple of basic steps to complete an effective comparison. First, identify your needs and priorities. Think about what you need, rather than what the manufacturer wants you to buy. Is cost important due to project constraints? Would you prefer a single manufacturer for all automation equipment, including plc, servo and HMI? Do you require good technical support due to project requirements? What is the end-user language requirement? Is simple database connectivity important? Do you require S88 batch design standards and 21CFR11 compliance? Does your application require web client functionality? Second, dig in and answer these questions by asking plenty of questions. Sales and distribution networks vary in their ability and patience when it comes to questions. Be persistent. Finally, summarize your results in an at-a-glance chart. Keep it simple. Don't forget to include your general impression, for each product.

We help our clients to perform comparisons of pc-based HMI products, such as Iconics Genesis 32, Rockwell Software RSView32, Wonderware InTouch and GE Cimplicity Plant Edition. We would be glad to speak with you to discuss your needs and HMI products that may help you to meet your goals.

Q: Can I standardize my electrical control systems?

A: The short answer is, "Absolutely." Asking this question indicates that you recognize an important opportunity to improve project efficiency, system quality and customer satisfaction.

Here is the long answer. Successful electrical hardware and software standardization requires organizational adjustments as well as technical design changes. Standardization represents an excellent opportunity to take your team to the next level. Strong technical leaders will be developed. Team technical capability will improve. Close cooperation will improve communication and relations. Procedures and documentation will enhance organizational discipline. Standardization will also require a serious commitment from your organization. Adjustments will require coordination across your organization. New procedures represent changes to the status quo. Be prepared to deal with resistance to change. Successful standard development will depend upon your organization's ability to manage this change.

Technical design changes start with a set of simple, flexible and effective design, development and documentation guidelines. Simple guidelines are easily understood and remembered and allow individuals and development teams to provide consistent results. Start simple and keep it simple. Develop guidelines for design documents and tools, data design, code organization, code documentation and revision procedures. Then, develop a software and hardware design library, based upon these guidelines. Procedures and documentation will be a requirement. Documentation will allow the entire team to understand and execute projects. Information that resides in a single person's head does not constitute a standard. Get the information into your engineering team's public domain.

Not all organizations are prepared to tackle standardization. On-going business operations most often do not allow engineering resources to be pulled away from active projects. We can help. Our experience with electrical control system standards development enables us to integrate, seamlessly, with your organization. We are sensitive to your team's situation and are able to help you design, develop and roll out hardware and software standards that will enhance your organization's capability. We would be glad to speak with you to discuss your standardization needs and our services that will help you to achieve your goals.


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