About Us

Litzler Automation is a line of automation services provided by C.A. Litzler Co., Inc. Litzler Automation offers automation solutions for customers requiring new industrial control systems or modernization of current systems. Our custom engineering capabilities enable us to provide automation services that are tailored to each application. We provide system design, PLC/HMI programming, drive systems, vision systems, data acquisition, and system integration services with a commitment to excellent customer satisfaction. Our team of Automation Specialists enables Litzler Automation to handle critical, highly complex jobs in a short timeline.

Litzler was started by Cyril A. Litzler in 1953, working closely with industrial fabric producers around the world. Litzler has been providing equipment worldwide for more than 57 years to both new customers and customers we have worked with for many years. Today, hundreds of units are in continuous operation, and a professional management team serves customers worldwide.


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